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Hair on the Stair

written & illustrated by JDH

Indy and JDH celebrated 15 years together in December 2021! 


Early 2021, while cleaning the stairs in his tall home, JDH noticed the stairs were nearly 'hair free' as Indy's arthritis increased and he began carrying her up and down each day. That's when it clicked - He had complained about all the shedding and 'hair on the stair' for years and in this brief moment a realization of their time together and the inevitable circle of life pointed him to the heart of this story. 

Soon after JDH began sketching images for this story - starting with the title page. And once that image was REAL - he knew he had to write the story.

Hair on the Stair is an ILLUSTRATED STORY - for anyone who needs a breath in their day to reflect on the things that matter the most to them, while helping to 'let go' of the needless worry everyone takes on when focused on the bad.


JDH and Indy are seeking the right partners to help bring this story to life as a hard cover picture book in stores and online. 



Jonathan David Harris


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